Zona-apk.com is the best place Download Android APK

Like the title this time I will discuss about Blog For Download Android APK. For those of you who cares to download in the Play Store through your Android smarthphone This blog will provide a solution, Zona Download APK provides a variety of applications, games and wallpapers that are all in the form of apk file.
For those of you who do not know what the apk file below is a little penjelasanya

Zona-apk.com is the best place Download Android APKWhat Is APK Files?
Android Package or abbreviated with the APK is a package of applications on Android. In accordance with the stands of "Android Package" which means "Android Package", let's see why be called a package, why not file ?. But before we discuss that easy-easy. If we associate with each other, APK file that is similar to the Zip file if my friend could not believe just try to extract the apk file with winrar, or just do the same root explorer Dora The Explorer: D.
If the Zip file contained the term Compress and extract, then there are also the same term in .apk file that is Compile and decompiled but we did not discuss this because it involves programming, and myself also recently learned J.
Some things definitely came to mind when I mention that my friend APK file is similar to ZIP, "what we can very easily edit an application simply by extracting only" and the answer is no. But if my friend already mastered some knowledge it is very easy for my friend.

APK file structure
Back again to the zip file, the zip file there must be a file. Well the same as the apk file, this file has a file which became a foundation in an apk. Some structurenya among others:
AndroidManifest.xml: In this xml file contained a description of the various commands and other file information. More details mean this as a governance in a country.
Build.xml: This is a script whose job ant compile and install the device pal.
Bin /: Here are the results apk pal
Res /: Therein lies the various source components, such as GUI, User Interface, Layout, string picture and others, is arguably one of the most important also in an application
Src /: This is the place Activity, directory is the primary source of the Activity class. Activity Class supposing it to be an activity. For example when we press a button, then the data network will be active.
Assets /: Loading static file that is packaged in an application for the device.

Zona-apk.com is the best place Download Android APK

Why Choose File APK?
The first reason why choose File apk is the alternative for those who can not download applications or games in the play store whether it be because of the limitations of the Internet or because the Play Store Noya Error.
The second is that you can save Ike apk TSB if not installed. If you Download an app in the Play afternoon Once removed, the data will be lost and can not be used to install it again
More APP, because many programing That makes the Games or Android application but not in the subunit in the Play Store and just circulate freely with Ike APK format
For those of you who will download apk file Please Visit www.zona-apk.com There's a lot of games and applications in APK format and of course FREE: D

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