How Excessive Sugar Intake can harm your body

As children, we all love to gorge on chocolates, sweets, candies and cold drinks. But as we grow up, our bodies undergo several changes, and especially for those who have attained mid-age and above, the metabolic rate goes down to a large extent. With these bodily changes and internal signs of ageing, if we continue to consume sugar like we used to during our early years, it will lead to multiple adverse effects on our body.

How Excessive Sugar Intake can harm your bodyNatural sweetener Stevia on the other hand, encompasses a typical sweetness which is equivalent to 200-400 times of an equal helping of sugar, but in turn does not raise blood sugar levels, as it has zero-calorific effect. For those who have never heard of Stevia, we are not talking about some new lab-synthesized chemical. This natural sweetener, much to the surprise of health enthusiasts, is hundred percent plant-based and organic. The origin of the Stevia Sweetener can be traced to the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant, and this has been in popular use as a natural sugar substitute across European countries and North America.

Before we learn more about Stevia or find out where to buy dry stevia leaves in Delhi, let us take a closer look at why sugar is so harmful for us, when consumed in quantities more than required. The required quantity of sugar for your body per day is 2 teaspoons (refined sugar), and coming to think of it, most of us exceed this quantity in our frequent cups of tea and coffee, not to mention the occasional indulgence on biscuits, baked goods, sweets and desserts. For a person who engages in average physical activity associated with that of an office-goer or a housewife, consumption of refined sugar more than 2 teaspoons per day is definitely harmful and should be avoided if one wants to remain healthy.

In addition to the fact that sugar just comprises of empty calories without any nutrients, it is also harmful for your teeth. Added sugar in beverages or desserts causes a high amount of fructose intake, which in turn can cause great harm to your liver. While glucose will not affect your liver as it is naturally found in the body, excessive fructose can accumulate and cause several metabolic complications. It can even go to the extent of causing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The primary problem associated with excessive sugar consumption is of course Insulin resistance, wherein complications like Diabetes arise that can become a chronic problem.

Studies have also indicated those who consume large amounts of sugar are more prone to Cancer than those who do not. Although there is no substantial evidence to prove this fact, these research studies have shed a certain amount of light in this direction as well. Obesity is yet another life-threatening condition associated with excessive sugar intake. Since the sugar is converted into energy when it is metabolized in the body, the extra energy gets stored as fat. So if you do not work out regularly and consume a lot of sugar, you are very likely to become grossly obese, which in turn will give rise to several other health complications like heart disease, hypertension and so on.

Due to the fact that sugar causes dopamine release in the body in large amounts, which is the ‘feel-good' hormone, sugar consumption tends to become addictive to a large extent. So many people find it really challenging to quit sugar or reduce their sugar intake, despite surmounting all their will power. Sumber  Zona Information

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