How To Be Free Eliminate Bad Breath Naturally

Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria in the mouth, particularly on the surface of the tongue. It can be caused by poor dental hygiene, mouth infections, dryness of the mouth, stress, and external factors like cigarettes, smoke and coffee, among others. Less common causes of bad breath are stomach and intestinal problems, respiratory tract infections, and major body illnesses like diabetes and liver diseases. How to eliminate bad breath is one of the most common concerns by millions of people as bad breath or halitosis affects millions of people worldwide and it can remain undetected by the affected person himself. Here are some naturally, easy to use substitutes that will cure your bad breath.

How To Be Free Eliminate Bad Breath Naturally1. Drinking pineapple juice is a very good bad breath home remedy, as it eliminates all bad smells from the mouth. Eating an apple every day is fantastic for mouth purification, as it removes bacteria, which effectively gives you bad breath.

2. Clean your tongue. The tongue is one of the major culprits in causing bad breath as bacteria can hide in the grooves of the tongue. You can use a tongue cleaner or a brush to clean especially near the base of the tongue.

3. Chew on some cloves. Cloves have long been known for their medicinal properties. They are said to be very good for our gums and teeth. They are still extensively used in the field of dental health in countries like India. You bad breath might also be due to a throat infection. Cloves are very good for your throat too! Their juices clear your throat up. So keep the cloves in your mouth and see the difference.

4. The seeds normally used as condiments like fennel and anise seeds are good breath sweeteners. Anise, in particular, has curative properties and kills odor-causing bacteria. Since these seeds are dry and can keep for quite some time, they are convenient to carry around with you. Simply chew on them after a meal.

5. Drinking plenty of water every day it vitally important in order to control bad breath.  Dehydration will attempt to conserve moisture by reducing the salivary flow, which minimizes the saliva's cleansing effects on bacteria which is a cause of bad breath. This is one of the best bad breath cure.

6. Practice good dental hygiene. Brushing the teeth every after meal may not be enough. Flossing should be done everyday and preferably before going to bed. Oral rinsing may also help. If you have cavities, tartar, gum problems and plaques, visit the dentist as soon as possible. These also make your breath smell bad. Do not also forget your regular dental cleaning twice a year - this will definitely help you maintain a healthier teeth and mouth.

7. Tulsi leaves have long been praised for their medicinal values and in some countries they are even worshipped. Just a leaf or two of tulsi in your mouth will do wonders giving your breath the gracious smell of tulsi.

What do you still want to have a bad breath? : D Sumber  Zona Information

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